A New Site | A New Start / by Shannon Bos

This Spring I began a new job as a secretary at ACE Place Learning Centre.  It has been a steep learning curve & challenge for me & for my family.  I've never worked such full time hours & balancing that between family & a nearly full time business has been taxing.  This has left me with some tough decisions. 

The first was of course, not being able to work much, if at all, at McBain Camera.  I am still on staff, but I'm very casual.  I miss my family of guys over there more than words can express.  I actually get a little teary thinking about it.  I LOVED every moment I spent in that camera shop.

I'm not able to give up photography, but I am not able to keep running my business the way I was.  I need to pare down what I'm shooting and how I'm editing.  What I'm delivering in the end needed to be simplified.  So, I have decided that with every session I will be including the disk of images.  I've still not totally figured out my pricing & whether or not I will still make prints & books available.  I would love to do it all, but I need to keep the standard of service & quality high.

Here I am again, starting fresh with a new site & branding.  I'm trying to simplify things so that I can focus all my energy on shoots that I'm interested in, and forget all the rest.  The other site was cumbersome & expensive.  This site is simple & I'm hoping I will have the motivation to update my blog more often if I'm not managing the rest of the site.

I'm still deciding on what to do with my studio.  I haven't used it much... and all the practical people in my life have told me I need to let it go.  Change isn't always easy, but necessary!

Here's a link to my old blog.


Tillamook, Oregon.