I'm just gonna say it.... / by Shannon Bos

Back to School is in 6 days.  Yup.  6.  Are you ready? 

I'm slightly terrified for Fall.  I have a big job ahead of me at the school, but I'm grateful to have a challenging job & just looking forward to achieving my goals at becoming a kick ass secretary!!  haha!

I'm slowly getting things edited & I'm hoping to be caught up at school & with my photography by the end of September.  If you are waiting for photographs... thank you for waiting.  I'm working away here!  :)

Watch for back to school photos of my girls.  They are going to LOVE IT!!!


Here's another one from Dan & Ashley's Waterton session.  I loved their photos.  If you would like to try a session in Waterton... let me know.  I'm sure we can make some sort of arrangements.