The Gouw Family by Shannon Bos

I actually get asked to shoot in fields, quite often. But a pumpkin patch was a first. AND... I was a little nervous. How do you pose a big group in a patch of pumpkins. Well, I had nothing to worry about because this family came prepared! Isn't the old truck cool?!

Large groups can be difficult, but the Gouw family were amazing!

Thanks you guys. I really enjoyed our evening together!

Partner UP! by Shannon Bos

Monica Chapman & I have been shooting together for years now.  And we  have been talking about how great a business partner would be since we met, practically.  So, we finally decided to join forces.

Introducing: Chapman & Bos Photography!

We are excited about our new business & hope that we can continue to provide excellent service to our clients.

It's only fitting that our first shoot as a team was a volunteer shoot for the Taber Police Service annual ball.  

Thanks to all who made this event possible & fun.  We were proud to support our community & help out our local Police Department.


-Monica & Shannon

PS. Our new logo was designed by my dear friend, Corley.  She hand painted the lavender inspired leaves with watercolours & then made the rest of the logo digitally.  Pretty awesome.  Check her out @ thisiscorley



Lifestyle | Amanda & Her Boys by Shannon Bos

Amanda is one of those people who gets under your skin & you just want to spend more time with her.  She's such a cool girl.  Loves good music, art & wine.  But mostly those two lovely boys.  I photographed this little family about a year ago.  Gavin & Sawyer have changed so much since then, especially Sawyer who last time was a little shy & not feeling great.  This time I think he may have stolen the show a little bit, but that's okay.  He's cute, so we'll take it.

Amanda is so great at just living life & allowing me to do my thing.  Her ease rubbed off on the boys & we had a really great morning together. 

I hope you love the photographs, Amanda.  We will have to have a wine date soon!