Skylar | Grad 2016 by Shannon Bos

Wow, the grad photos for 2016 have begun & I couldn't be happier with the start of things.  

We've had such great weather for a Canadian winter & so Skylar & I decided to do some studio & if it was nice then move outdoors for a few more.  It was nice, in a sweater & jacket.  Skylar did not complain once.  I'm sure if felt good to get back indoors & warm up!

Skylar brought along her sisters Tea & Kat and her guy, Lewis.  They all helped out carrying lights, and holding reflectors.  It was fun to have so many hands on deck & spend the afternoon with such a fun, energetic group!  Special thanks to Lewis who (on his birthday) hauled around a 5' softbox while we chased the sun.  :)  That is not the most glamorous job & he did it with a smile.

Skylar, it is a pleasure to work with someone as passionate as you.  You are just lovely.